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Marketing with
Immediate Results

Professional Marketing and Quality Content Creation

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Our Clients reached millions of people last year!

The results below were obtained within a month of posting.

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Give us a call or email now to schedule a free no obligation consultation!
Phone: 225-953-1209 or Email:

Be sure to ask us about our six (6) month starter package.

What's the secret to successfully marketing your business, services or products?


Customers/Clients build trust in your company with the consistency of your message. It's important to be on time with your content as well as your brand Identity.

Quality Content

The quality of your content is directly identified with the quality of your business. It's important to insure your message is professional, clear and aligned.


With regular reports on analytics we can insure the right demographic is being reached and if your message is hitting the bullseye.

Here is our top 3 internal tips to begin successfully marketing your business 

(1) Organize

First you have to "organize" your brand. This means consistent logo, collateral, and message company wide. Once everything is aligned you and your customers will feel more comfortable. This is who we are.

(2) Strategize

A clear understanding of what you're selling, how you're going to sell it and who you're selling too is a huge way to save time and money.  Getting your entire team paddling in the same direction assures smooth waters ahead and clear communication.


(3) Launch!

Planning a "launch" event is a great way for friends, family and your network to take notice of your business. This will start a "word of mouth" ripple effect that can give your business a nice boost. This will also let people know what you do and who to contact for your services.


Mach 10 Media can also help you fulfill the above 3 elements, so you can spend more time working on your business


Why you need video
in today's market!

Consumers spend 10% more time viewing your page.

60% of consumers would rather watch a video than read text.

People share video 1200% more than any other posts.

You Tube is the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet.

Rank higher in all search engines.

Help your audience retain your information longer.

Generate increased interest.

Easily shareable.

Video is the most powerful story telling tool on the planet.

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Kevin M. White


Video Production
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ABOUT Mach 10 Media

 MACH 10 MEDIA was founded by Kevin M. White over 20 years ago transitioning from the movie business over to creative services.  He is taking all the experience / skill obtained from working on movies and implementing the knowledge onto business clients.


Along the way he worked at a few different advertising agencies and learned to hone his own methods for marketing a client's business. He felt that agencies made things too complicated for owners / managers to grasp and do their jobs. He wanted to simplify the process and add his video experience to the mix at an affordable price.


Most agencies have to hire third party production companies to produce your content. They also pass the cost on to you. We don't do that! Award winning video production is how we started, we have invested heavily into our production equipment and experience.


The results we achieve will speak for themselves in the analytics. We believe in full transparency. We want this process to be fun and get results.


 MACH 10 MEDIA has been producing beautiful high-end video at all budgets for over 20 years.  From Louisiana to Los Angeles, Mach 10 Media has worked with the best.  We budget on a sliding scale considering the needs of the client and the project. Call us now for a free creative consultation, 225-953-1209.


List of Clients & Work

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