Toyota of Slidell

Social Media Campaign:

Below is a list of recommendations for the Toyota of Slidell, "Social Media" campaign. I would like to see a mixture of specific employee/inventory videos (TRT of approximately 1:00), store giveaways and special pricing on vehicles. This will utilize the network of every employee and build awareness of the store of customers within a 25 mile radius.

  • Sales Employee with inventory videos

  • Specials and Giveaways - including employees from other departments.

  • Include run footage in video for production value.

  • Boosted Social Media posts approximately $20.00 to $40.00 per post twice a week.

  • Specific demographic targeting on Social Media.

  • Contests for likes and shares. (If you get a certain amount of shares or likes you win!)

  • Testimonials from customers utilizing their network on Social Media.

I would like to shoot 8 videos (shoot in one day), to give us one month of content and test the prospect of social media marketing. You get 8 produced videos, all 8 edited with graphics and music, social media maintenance, demographics analytics, and posts for:

Total $1,000.00

Here are some TERRIBLE examples of what I have in mind. I literally could not find any videos to accurately show you what I want to do.

Let me know what you think!