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Recession or not to rescession? that is the question? Market or not to market? is also the question? As business owers we are always trying to read the tea leaves of the future so we can prepare for what our next year has in store for us. "Will my services or products be relavent in a shrinking economy?"

The only way you can be sure is to market your business. You must put some of your profits back into your company to remind people you still exist and are open for business when they are ready for your goods or services. In today's business world your marketing is about being top of mind. This is more important than having the best service or products. You may have superior service and the more quality products, but a larger company with a huge budget will buy that market share with a deep wallet.

Here is an anxiety check for you. Larger companies are activly trying to put you out of business. You're not being paranoid. They are not specifically targeting you, but our Governement, (which is now run by corporations) are generally making it harder for small businesses to survive. They want big Government/Corporations to take over so "We The People" are dependent on them for everything.

They only way for you to fight back and grow your business is to market your business. I'm sorry to be the bearer of the reality, but we are there. AND, the best way to do that is to step out of your comfort zone. It's time for you to be the face or find a face of your company. A face builds trust for people. It's time for you to update all of your collateral. You need everyting to match and look amazing at first sight. It's time for you to try something silly or heartwarming. It's time for you to update your website and social media pages. It's time for you to hire that marketing firm. It's time to tell your story. It's time for you to spend some MONEY on marketing. Take hold of your company and your future. I promise you, you'll be glad you did. Call Mach 10 Media today for a free no obligation consultation, 225-953-1209 or check out our website,

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